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10 ways of preventing acne

You can try some or all of these tips or tricks to clear your Acne and get that radiant skin you’ve wanted. 

1. Slather on the sunscreen. I know you’ve probably heard this loads but sunscreen is the easiest way to look younger for life! The majority of wrinkles come from sun exposure. So its much easier to prevent the damage that way until its occurred and then trying to fix it. There’s no slacking during the winter months either, sun rays are still just as strong!

2. Clean your makeup brushes. It is absolutely crazy that the majority of British women don’t clean their makeup brushes. Think of a number of bacteria and dirt those brushes will pick up. Simply wash your brushes every now and then with facial cleanser or shampoo and water. swish your brushes around in the water and let it lay to air dry afterwards.

3. Munch on mixed nuts. Brazil nuts are rich in selenium which has been proven to increase skin elasticity and decrease skin cancer.  Then you have Walnuts which are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which lower inflammation – these are great for preventing breakouts.

4. Sanitize your Smartphone. Your iPhone probably has more germs on it than an infested toilet in the train station bathroom. Think about how much you’re touching that phone and placing it on different surfaces and then placing the phone on your cheek! Simply wipe down your phone every now and then with an antibacterial wipe.

5. Drop dairy from your diet. Dary products stimulate your oil glands and pour which can lead to acne.

6. Hit the sack early. 

Start getting the proper amount of sleep! Sleep deprivtion can lower circulation and make you look pale and washed out. A good nights rest can renew your body and ensure you skin is being given the right nutrients and hydrating ingredients.

7. Exfoliate for smaller-looking pores. If your pores are filled with oil, dirt or dead skin sells they can appear much larger than they actually are. Ensure you properly exfoliate!

8. Give your skin a sip of merlot.

Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant that can be found in the skins of red grapes. It can prevent lines, wrinkles and sagging! Its actually a more powerful antioxidant than Vitamin C.


9. Don’t neglect your neck and chest. 

When we think of skin care why do we always think of our face straight away? The skin on areas like your chest is thinner and doesn’t have a strong blood supply. Start thinking about your chest and other areas as well!

10. Exfoliate… without scrubbing.

Over time your skin works less effictively at removing dead skin cells so they hang on to the dead cells. Obviously this isn’t good and you will look ashy and gray. Ensure your giving your face a good exfoliation session often.

If you’re suffering from seriously bad Acne, check out places like Dr Nick Lowe.

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