Top Tips to Know Before Getting Your First Tattoo

Tattoos have developed into a big beauty trend and have become very popular in today’s culture. If you are thinking of getting your first tattoo, but you’re unsure about how to go about it and just generally need some tips before going getting it done, this list of top tips will hopefully help you.

Know What You Want and Where

One of the main things to prepare before going to get a tattoo done, is research exactly what you want first. This is really important because tattoos are a permanent addition to your body. You don’t want to choose something that you might regret, so being secure in your choice is crucial.

Doing research on image websites such as Instagram or Pinterest to get inspiration for you tattoo means that you may be able to select a design that is a bit more unique than if you used Google images. You’ll be able to find inspiration that not many people will have and have a more unique tattoo.

Choose a Reputable Tattoo Parlour

To make sure you get a tattoo that is not only done safely but is of a high quality, it is best to go to a reputable tattoo parlour with trained professionals.

This means your tattoo will not only be carried out by a genuine artist who will ensure a high-quality design, but that it will be a safe and clean environment and you won’t get a serious infection afterwards.

You can find a reputable tattoo parlour by browsing the internet and finding customer reviews, this will ensure you are fully informed about an establishment before booking your tattoo.

There will be a high-quality tattoo parlour in every major city in the UK, such as Tribe Tattoo in Glasgow with some of the cities best artists. They also carry out piercings and laser tattoo removal.

Be Prepared the Night Before

If you’ve decided what you want, the location and you’ve booked your tattoo session, there’s still some tips you need to know. Depending on the size and amount of detail in your chosen tattoo will depend on how long the session lasts. It could even be done over the period of multiple sessions.

This means the potential for a long session of sitting still and being in some discomfort. Make sure the night before your tattoo that you do not drink alcohol heavily. Regardless if you feel hungover or not, it still has the potential to thin your blood.

Making sure you are adequately hydrated and getting a good night’s sleep is also a great way to make sure your tattoo session feels as comfortable as possible.

Post-Tattoo Care

After getting your tattoo it is imperative to carry out all the necessary after-care procedures the tattoo artist has told you after completion of your tattoo as well as looking after yourself the following few days afterwards. Making sure you are properly hydrated, getting plenty of sleep, not doing any strenuous activities and filling your body with nutrients will ensure the tattoo healing process goes smoothly.



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